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I am used to setting aliases to different directories in Apache httpd.conf. For example, the following works for me

Alias /lib /path/to/lib

Then I can include paths such as <script src="/lib/jquery/plugin/funky.js"></script> no matter what the application path.

I am trying out Starman (and other PSGI servers such as HTTP::Server::PSGI), and can't figure out any way to set configuration parameters such as alias to directories.

Can this be done? How?

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It can be easily done by using Plack::Middleware::Static.

use Plack::Builder;

builder {
    enable "Static", path => sub { s!^/lib/!! }, root => "/path/to/lib/";

and you'll get "/lib/foo.js" loaded from "/path/to/lib/foo.js". This should work with Starman and any PSGI supported web servers.

More information is available in the online documenetation.

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