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I Have a unique id generated for each record that I store into the database I want to pass that id to PHP and run a select statement against that and get a value back from the database and pass it back to flash, what is the best possible way to do it?

PS: I am using AS3

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You have to call the php script which makes the sql connection and gets the value.


The important part is here:

public function URLLoaderExample() {
        var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();

        var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("urlLoaderExample.txt");
        try {
        } catch (error:Error) {
            trace("Unable to load requested document.");

And here:

private function completeHandler(event:Event):void {
        var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(;
        trace("completeHandler: " +;

        var vars:URLVariables = new URLVariables(;
        trace("The answer is " + vars.answer);

In your php script you just have a print at the end:

   $value = Select Statement to get that damn value out of the damn database
   print $value;

You will be able to read $value out of

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I don't really see your problem. What makes this really different from a client-side javascript invoking a server-side PHP? I mean, simply create a URLLoader with the appropriate URLRequest object (can also be a POST request), add an event handler for the COMPLETE event, and parse the returned document. I recommend XML, because that is easy to parse from AS3, but JSON and plain text should work as well.

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