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I have two tables: product and sale. How can I write a SQL statement to deduct sale item from a product?

I tried

UPDATE product,
   SET product = ( product.ProductQuantity - sale.quantity)
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your item is quite unclear. You should specify table schema. –  Raptor Mar 7 '11 at 4:11

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use this SQL statement

UPDATE product SET productquantity=(productquantity-(SELECT quantity FROM sale)) WHERE product_id={ some product id } 

I added WHERE product_id={ some product id } as you probably want to update specific product only

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Depending on which value you are trying to update, you must specify the following:

UPDATE T1,T2 SET T1.Field = (T1.Field - T2.Field)

You were very close, however you must specify the field to update (where your product is)

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