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I feel stupid asking this but I cant seem to get a partial view rendering in a page.

I have created a partial view that im trying to load into my index page. I have called my pv _BusinessDetails basically its a view that returns some customer data.

My pv looks like

@model MyMVC.Models.BusinessModel
<div class="grid">

<div class="grid-header">
<div class="gh-l"></div>
    <div class="gh-m">Business Details</div>
<div class="gh-r"></div>

<div class="grid-row">
     <label class="labelBold">Busines Name</label>


From my index page I am trying to call the pv using


which fails so if I add

@Html.Partial("_BusinessDetails",new MyMVC.Models.BusinessModel())

The partial view is loaded however with no data as the controller isn't been hit. In my controller I have tried

public ActionResult _BusinessDetails()
      return PartialView("_BusinessDetails");

 public PartialViewResult _BusinessDetails()
        return PartialView("_BusinessDetails");

However neither of them are hit. What have I done wrong?

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When rendering a partial view and passing a view model, that view model should already be populated. No controllers/action methods are invoked when using @Html.Partial().

Since you are using this strongly-typed partial view on your home page, consider building its view model in your HomeController's Index() method. Is your index page strongly-typed as well? If so, you can add your partial view's view model as a property of your index page's view model, and pass that when calling @Html.Partial().

On your index page, it would look something like:

@model MyMVC.Models.IndexViewModel
<!-- some HTML here -->
@Html.RenderPartial("_BusinessDetails", Model.BusinessModel)

If your index page is not strongly-typed, you can use the ViewBag object or you can strongly-type it to MyMVC.Models.BusinessModel and use @Html.RenderPartial("_BusinessDetails", Model) (which, while simple, could cause confusion).

Rachel Appel has a nice blog post, as does Mike Brind, if you would like more information.

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It's tricky. I've had success with using a model on the main view as a container object:

class MainPageModel {
    public BusinessDetailModel BusinessDetails { get; set; }
    // ...

and then just passing the whole model like @Html.Partial("_BusinessDetails", Model) to my partial views.

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When you wrote this,

@Html.Partial("_BusinessDetails",new MyMVC.Models.BusinessModel())

The data is not loaded as your model is empty, so before passing model BusinessModel,fill it before.

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