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can you help me about this script :).

I have a script to load image and display once

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>

<div class="spacer"></div>
<div align="center"><script type="text/javascript">
var list_images = 'image1.jpg|image2.jpg';
var images = list_images.split('|');
</script><div class="spoiler-wrap"><div class="spoiler-head folded clickable">Click Here</div>
                <div class="spoiler-body"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
function initSpoilers(context)
    var context = context || 'body';
    $('div.spoiler-head', $(context))
            var html = $(this).next('div.spoiler-body').html();
            var max = $(images).length;
            // at least 1 image exist
            if(max>0 && !html)
                var ul = $('<ul id="portfolio"></ul>');

            function LoadImage(index,max)
                    var list = $('<li id="portfolio_'+index+'"></li>').html('<div class="loading"><img src="images/5.gif" alt="loading..." align="baseline" /></div>');
                                var aaa = $('<div class="highslide" >'+images[index]+'</div>');
                    var curr = $("ul#portfolio li#portfolio_"+index);
                    var img = new Image();
                            // image onload
                    $(img).load(function () {
                            $(this).css('display','none'); // since .hide() failed in safari
                    }).error(function () {

                        // trigger the next image
                    }).attr('src', images[index]);


My image will dislay like :

<ul id="portfolio">

<li id="portfolio_0"><div class="highslide"><img style="" src="1.jpg"></div></li>
<li id="portfolio_1"><div class="highslide"><img style="" src="2.jpg"></div></li>


Know i want add some in img tab and display like

<ul id="portfolio">

<li id="portfolio_0"><div class="highslide"><img style="" src="1.jpg" onmouseover="TJPzoom(this);" ></div></li>
<li id="portfolio_1"><div class="highslide"><img style="" src="2.jpg" onmouseover="TJPzoom(this);" ></div></li>


Can help me ? . I think can edit

$(this).addClass('m_picture'); to add  onmouseover="TJPzoom(this);" 

But i do'nt know how to do it.

Thanks stack over flow and everybody help me :)

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do you know where the issue is exactly? – Santosh Linkha Mar 7 '11 at 4:32


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There a few possible ways.

You can, with jquery, user the .hover or .mouseover event to trigger TJPzoom(this);

for example (after the dom has loaded, or after you have inserted your tags):

$("#portfolio li").mouseover(TJPzoom($(this)));


$("#portfolio li").hover(TJPzoom($(this)));

For the code:

 $(this).addClass('m_picture'); to add  onmouseover="TJPzoom(this);" 

the appropriate (I believe, correct me if im wrong) code would be:

$(this).attr('onmouseover', 'TJPzoom(this)');

Hope this helps

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    $("div.highslide img").mouseover(function(){TJPzoom($(this));});
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Thanks for your help . Can i say how too get width and height add to img tab , – MIF Mar 7 '11 at 5:05
You want to get or set the width and height? Anyway, you can try use the functions $(this).height() and $(this).width() in your TJPzoom function to set or get the dimension. – Quincy Mar 7 '11 at 5:12

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