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Is there a nicer way to do the same ?

objects = []
outer_h.values.each do |inner_h|
  inner_h.values.each do |obj|
    objects << obj

I use Ruby 1.9.2.

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It would help if you edited the question and added a sample of the data structure you are using. –  the Tin Man Mar 7 '11 at 5:53

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objects = outer_h.values.map(&:values).flatten will work:

h = {
  1 => { :foo => "bar", :bar => "baz" },
  2 => { :foo => "rab", :bar => "zab" },

h.values.map(&:values).flatten  #=> ["bar", "baz", "rab", "zab"] 
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And if using ruby 1.9.2, simplify it with flat_map. –  Marc-André Lafortune Mar 7 '11 at 5:35

How about outer_h.flatten ? I think it might only work for arrays though.

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