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I wanted to add delete update elements in json using jquery/javascript and when the file submit is done to the server wanted to consider the latest json object.

Can you suggest and approach i am stuck.

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var json = $.parseJSON('...'); json.oldVar = 'newvalue';? – Brad Christie Mar 7 '11 at 5:41

I use JSON.parse and JSON.stringify to manipulate.

json_flat = {"page":"1","total":"2","ids":[{"id":"3085"},{"id":"3086"}]}; // your flat json
json_object = JSON.parse(json_flat); //convert to an object

//Manipulation = 6; //change values
delete; //delete a value

json_flat = JSON.stringify(json); //convert back to flat
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As mentioned, you can use jQuery's json functions to edit the object. Let me demonstrate how you might do this, with a little code:

let's take this JSON object:


Now, let's say your server is storing that as a flat JSON file somewhere...what we'd do is load it on the client with jQuery's ajax methods, and edit it using a callback. After manipulating the object, we'll (for demonstration purposes) immediately send it back to a server-side script, which will presumably overwrite the current flat file:

$.getJSON(/*path to JSON file here*/,function(response){
    response.lastUser="Tom"; //This is where the sample manipulation occurs.
    $.post(/* path to server-side script*/,response,function(){
      alert("Object Saved");

Hope that helps in understanding the pattern involved!

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I wanted a way to manipulate..! i know how to send it to server.. :) – Amit Mar 7 '11 at 6:17
The manipulation is demonstrated in the line response.lastUser="Tom"; . Modify the JSON object directly then send it back :) – johnhunter Mar 7 '11 at 8:36
I wrote a comment on that line to clarify where the manipulation occurs...sorry for any confusion. – Trafalmadorian Mar 8 '11 at 5:04

JSON data can be directly manipulated in javascript after parsing. (See Brad's comment on your question). To send the updated data back to server you can use $.post. Now, doesn't this solve your problem? If not, then please explain your problem in more detail.

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