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I am using the Camera activity to capture the JPEG image. After image is saved and the controll is returned back to my application activity I would like to to determine the captured JPEG image dimensions without loading the whole image into memory via Bitmap object - can it be easily done somehow?

Is there any class, which reads the JPEG header and give me such information? I would like to avoid OOM conditions - but might be it is not a problem to load the whole image into memory - is it?

After knowing the dimensions I would like to use BitmapFactory to scale the image.

Thanks a lot

Kind Regards,


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As a first approach I use…. But I welcome any comments over this topic. – STeN Mar 7 '11 at 7:55

Perhaps a work-around (see 2nd approach) by setting the quality?

bmp.compress(CompressFormat.JPEG, 75, pfos);

You would have to do a trial run to see what size the quality gets you though...

*The first approach creates a log file to get the width and height but not sure if you wanted the extra step of looking at a log file.

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You can use the ExifInterface class to read the image width and height.

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