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I have just moved site from online to the local , I have used "authcache, cacherouter" caching module , but restoring site in local there are so many data in the cache table and having problem to download and restore those tables so i just created those tables with blank entries in local and now getting "Access denied" error in all the pages , even i am not able to log in in admin and can not access to the admin section.

I have tried so many solutions available on the net but not get success , Can anyone here help me out on this issue . ?

So much thanks in advance..

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Is $cookie_domain set in settings.php? –  Kevin Mar 7 '11 at 6:48

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Several steps to take:

  1. Are cookies working at all: Do you get a cookie (check your browser) and is the domain in that cookie correct?
  2. Did Drupal insert the session? Check the sessions table in Drupal. For evaluation, empty that table (TRUNCATE sessions) and check again: is a new entry made?
  3. Are there any errors? Check the watchdog (without access to the site, you can either use drush or read the watchdog table.
  4. Does the server or one of its services give you any hints in their log? Check /var/log/mysql* and /var/log/apache/* for starters.
  5. Did you try disabling modules? Disable all modules execpt a few core ones (use Drush, or set the status column in the system table to 0). Is the problem still there? No? Then toggle modules on, one a time, a certain module will introduce the error again.
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