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What is webOS? Is it based on Palm OS, or is it different? What language do developers need to know to develop apps for it?

I've heard it's cross-platform, using JavaScript. Is knowledge of JavaScript all that's needed to develop any type of application? How can I developer native applications for it?

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You could build using JavaScript, C, C++

A webcast on webOS by Mitch Allen, CTO of palm

Here's from HP themselves...

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Mostly when people refer to the core of WebOS (mojo) there is no C or C++, and it's pure javascript. Of course there are limits to what you can do, then. So then, you have to build extensions and those are in a native language. I think. Am I right? – Warren P Mar 10 '11 at 14:18
Warren: webOS offers 3 types of apps: pure javascript (Mojo or Enyo apps), PDK apps (native apps written in C/C++), or Hybrid apps which are PDK apps with some js on top. Hybrid apps are usually the best way to do the coolest stuff from what I've seen. Here's a video on them: – mfisch Sep 12 '11 at 3:40

Perhaps start with an overview:

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