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in c printf() returns what

what will be the o/p of this c code? why?



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Homework? Do you have any ideas what it might put out? Why? Have you run this code? –  abelenky Mar 7 '11 at 6:21
Why don't you run and see it yourself? –  Naveen Mar 7 '11 at 6:22
What does your manual say it should do? You did read the manual entry on printf before asking, right? –  Jim Balter Mar 7 '11 at 6:23
o/p? what? please speak English here.. –  stijn Mar 7 '11 at 7:29

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Homework? Anyway, printf returns the number of characters printed. That should help.

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Output is


as printf returns number of characters it has printed...

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Output will be:



The first printf will print 6 characters ("hellow"), which will be the return value, assigned to i.

The second printf will print i, which will be 6.

Since there is no NewLine or other separator specified, the two will be run together as hellow6.

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Assuming that you ran the code and see the output:


The explanation is, printf returns the number of characters it was able to write successfully.

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