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I'd like to write a program to clean up my music collection and it would be nice to be able to query a webservice for song and album information.

I'm not really thinking of a cddb/freedb type of situation where you hand them a hash based on the number of songs and the lengths, etc. I'm really thinking more of "hey, for this album from this artist what are the song titles?" - something like that.

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How about MusicBrainz?

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In particular, the tagger program – therefromhere Feb 9 '09 at 16:05


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Amazon webservices are likely overkill, but they'd give you this info.

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You can check these ones too :

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You've got Gracenote (was CDDB), but you'll have to register there first.

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LyricWiki has a pretty good SOAP API as I recall. You could use the getAlbum(artist, album, year) operation and that should return a list of songs for that album.

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Yahoo also just recently released their music API. RESTful, with XML, JSON, and RSS outputs.

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From this link: Thank you for using the Yahoo! Music API. To help focus our efforts on core Yahoo! product experiences, we will discontinue Yahoo! Music API by 31st March 2013. – treejanitor Mar 24 '13 at 13:26

how about MediaMonkey? its free and it hooks to freedb & amazon webservices to obtain id tags & album art!.

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You can use Amazon's web services to get album art. I think you can use the iTunes Music store too, but I can't find a good link for that. They might have changed it.

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