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I'm using Titanium to build my app, and it works great on the iPhone. Today is the first time I ran it in the Android Emulator, and it failed miserably. I dug into the error log, and found this

[TRACE] E/TiJSError( 326): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [274,5815] ----- Titanium Javascript Runtime Error -----
[TRACE] E/TiJSError( 326): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [1,5816] - In file:///android_asset/Resources/app/models/base.js:107,0
[TRACE] E/TiJSError( 326): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [2,5818] - Message: Too deep recursion while parsing
[TRACE] E/TiJSError( 326): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [2,5820] - Source: null
[TRACE] E/KrollContext( 326): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [149,5969] Error: null
[TRACE] E/KrollContext( 326): java.lang.NullPointerException

I did some research and Don Thorp, one of the Ti guys, answered to a similar question

How large are the files you are using. It's the complexity of the source that's the problem, not what the source is doing. This has been addressed in 1.5 and is app configurable via a tiapp.xml setting to up the stack size. Simplification of the source is the best approach, but in some instances, you'll have to up the stack. —

But I haven't found anywhere on how to increase the stack size in tiapp.xml. Does anyone know the this property?


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After digging into the titanium_mobile source, the file specifically, I was able to increase the stacksize. Essentially add this one line to tiapp.xml anywhere between the root node. With 32K stack size the app was able to parse all the scripts.

<property name="" type="int">32768</property>
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