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I am new to Android..I would like to Post a Image to my friends Wall using Facebook.

I have downloaded code from GitHub source..I logged in my account Say peter@gmail.com and grab all of my friends list and populate all my friends in List View..

I am having ID's and Name's of all friends...

I want to post a image in any one of my friend Wall..


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Try this :

    Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
    JSONObject attachment = new JSONObject();

    try {
        attachment.put("message", "Messages");
        attachment.put("name", "Get utellit to send messages like this!");
        attachment.put("href", link);
    } catch (JSONException e) {
    parameters.putString("attachment", attachment.toString());
    parameters.putString("message", "Text is lame. Listen up:");
    parameters.putString("target_id", "XXXXX"); // target Id in which you need to Post 
    parameters.putString("method", "stream.publish");
    String  response = authenticatedFacebook.request(parameters);       
    Log.v("response", response);
catch(Exception e){}

Also check this for Reference Post on Friends Wall

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