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I'm experiencing no problems while unmarshalling with MOXy. This is the XML, I've unmarshalled.

<eng><shape type="square"><square-specific>dasdasdas</square-specific></shape></eng>

But when marshalling, I get this:


Here's my model files:

public class Eng {

    private Shape shape;

    public void setShape(Shape shape) {
        this.shape = shape;

    public Shape getShape() {
        return shape;

public abstract class Shape {


public class Square extends Shape {

    private String squareSpecificAttribute;

    public String getSquareSpecificAttribute() {
        return squareSpecificAttribute;

    public void setSquareSpecificAttribute(String s) {
        this.squareSpecificAttribute = s;

And this is the method in my controller:

public Eng get(){
    Eng e = new Eng();
    Square s = new Square();

    return e;

I guess I'm missing something, any idea what could it be?


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@XmlDescriminator node takes an XPath. To indicate that type is an attribute you can do the following:


For an example see:

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