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i want to download skia latest code which is used in android. Therefore i installed VisualSVN server on windows 7. but i'm not able to see anything in repository, its empty.

Settings are as follows:

Repository root : E:\Repositories.

Server name: skia.googlecode.com.

port: 443

Server binding: all IP addresses.

Authentication: use Windows authentication.

Logging: enabled access logging & operational logging.

Please let me know if i have done anything wrong. Your inputs are most welcome.

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There are two components of an SVN system: The client and the server. The client is used to read the source code from the server. Your problem is that you are using a subversion server product to serve source code rather than using a client to pull it. I would recommend using TortoiseSVN as your client to download the source. This will allow you to right click on a windows directory and then "checkout" the contents of the repository locally.

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