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I have my website working on social engine, I have a Main page named as articles.tpl, and in that I have a sub-page named as article.tpl, article.tpl is used to show the entire article, and articles.tpl is used to show topics of articles not the content,

My concern is with articles.tpl(pretty confusing articles and article) In articles.tpl, 3 articles title, author of article and date is displayed, but I also want to display the category of that article,

For that I tried the following code,

$article_category = "";
$parent_category = "";
$article_category_query = $database->database_query("SELECT articlecat_id, articlecat_title, ".
        "articlecat_dependency FROM se_articlecats WHERE articlecat_id='".
        $rc_article->article_info[article_articlecat_id]."' LIMIT 1");

if($database->database_num_rows($article_category_query) == 1) {

    $article_category_info = $database->database_fetch_assoc($article_category_query);

    $article_category = $article_category_info[articlecat_title];

    if($article_category_info[articlecat_dependency] != 0) {

    $parent_category = $database->database_fetch_assoc(
            $database->database_query("SELECT articlecat_id, articlecat_title".
            " FROM se_articlecats WHERE articlecat_id='".
            $article_category_info[articlecat_dependency]."' LIMIT 1"));
$smarty->assign('article_category', $article_category);

and in articles.tpl file I called it in this way

<span class="tahoma11_blue">|  {$article_category}</span>

But when I check I get nothing, that space is blank, I am just able to see |

How can I display the category?

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i think you have to change

$smarty->assign('categories', $categories);


$smarty->assign('article_category', $article_category);

(in your example, you assign the (apparently empty) php variable $categories to the smarty variable categories. then, in the template, you use a smarty variable article_category - which never got assigned)

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@ax Hey I edited that too(check my question), but still the category is not getting displayed –  ntechi Mar 7 '11 at 11:17
please show us some debug output (var_dump()). what are the values of $article_category_info, $article_category, etc. btw: $article_category = $article_category_info[articlecat_title]; should be $article_category = $article_category_info['articlecat_title']; (note the quotes around articlecat_title). same for all other $array[string_key] in your code. –  ax. Mar 7 '11 at 11:24
@ax hey I am new to smarty, I have put the quotes as you said, but still the same, sorry to ask you but can you come in chat or can you take this question to chat? –  ntechi Mar 7 '11 at 11:32
@ax I added var_dump and in return it gave me this output string(0) "" I tried this code {$article_category|var_dump} –  ntechi Mar 7 '11 at 11:35
put the var_dump() in the php code, not in the template, after the variables are assigned, eg. var_dump($article_category_info) after $article_category_info = ... (and maybe an exit; after the last var_dump() so you can see the values). –  ax. Mar 7 '11 at 11:38

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