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i would like to add a new div tag by clicking a button, but it doesnt work. I have a web desktop from extjs and two modules. One window like the following code, with 1 div [20,20]. And a second window with a button and handler to add a new div tag in the first window. But it doesnt work.

            win = desktop.createWindow({
            id: 'firstwindow',
            title: 'firstwindow',
            width: 421,
            height: 391,
            divs: [{
                x: 20,
                y: 20

and so on..

and here the code for adding a div in the firstwindow by clicking button in the second window

                handler: function(){
                    if (Ext.getCmp('firstwindow')) {

                            divs: [{
                                x: 20,
                                y: 40

Thanks in advance, cheers, Thomas

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may be you should explain what you are trying to do with the DIVs.. – Abdel Raoof Mar 7 '11 at 11:23

The add method you are using is used to add a ExtJs component into the container (in your case its Window). You cannot create a DIV tag using the add method.

In ExtJS you can create a component and add it to the container. If you need to modify the DOM, you will have to update the el property. By default, in ExtJS its a DIV tag. You can override this by the autoEl config.

A possible solution:

Now, If you want to repeatedly create a DIV tag with some content in it and rendered dynamically, you can take the help of DataView. Create a Template with your DIV and its child.. load data into the store and finally render them or update DataView in your window.

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I think you must use Ext.getCmp('firstwindow').doLayout() instead of Ext.getCmp('firstwindow').render()

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