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What is the best way to transfer large files with web services ? Presently we are using the straight forward option to transfer the binary data by converting the binary data into base 64 format and embeding the base 64 encoding into soap envelop itself.But it slows down the application performance considerably.Please suggest something for performance improvement.

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What platform are you using? .NET? Java? PHP? –  John Saunders Mar 8 '11 at 1:07
i m using Java... –  OddOneOut Mar 8 '11 at 17:04

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Check out MTOM, a W3C standard designed to transfer binary files through SOAP.

From Wikipedia:

MTOM provides a way to send the binary data in its original binary form, avoiding any increase in size due to encoding it in text.

Related resources:

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In my opinion the best way to do this is to not do this!

The Idea of Webservices is not designed to transfer large files. You should really transfer an url to the file and let the receiver of the message pull the file itsself.

IMHO that would be a better way to do this then encoding and sending it.

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