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I'm bulding document-from-template engine. At certain points I need to match on Reg Exp groups and replace template text with content from a db.

I 'hardcoded' my RegExp initially, doing something like:

Regex r = new Regex(@"{DocSectionToggle::(?<ColumnName>\w+)::(?<ResponseValue>.+)}\n\[\[(?<SectionContent>.+)\]\]", RegexOptions.Multiline);

Apologies: it does group capture, so the syntax isn't the prettiest.

Just to make things neater and because I want' to keep the patterns in web.config or elsewhere, I've 'evolved' algorithm to something like:

string _regexp_DocSectionToggle = @"{DocSectionToggle::{0}::{1}}\n\[\[{2}\]\]";

/* Reg Exp Patterns for group capture */

string _rxCol            = @"(?<{ColumnName}>\w+)";
string _rxResp           = @"(?<{ResponseValue}>.+)";
string _rxSectContent    = @"(?<{SectionContent}>.+)"; 

Regex r = new Regex( string.Format(_regexp_DocSectionToggle,


But I'm getting an error: 'Input string was not in correct format'.

Can anyone tell my why? Is this a limitation of string.Format(...)?

Thanks for looking.

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The problem is the { and } which you don't want to mark format specifiers. IIRC, you just double them:

string _regexp_DocSectionToggle = @"{{DocSectionToggle::{0}::{1}}}\n\[\[{2}\]\]";
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Hurrah. Another John Skeet supplied answer just for me and my question :-) –  5arx Mar 7 '11 at 16:16

You need to escape { and } by using {{ and }} as the following:

string _regexp_DocSectionToggle = @"{{DocSectionToggle::{0}::{1}}}\n\[\[{2}\]\]";
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