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I want an app run in the background and listen to the events that indicate initiated Telephony Calls (by using CTCallCenter). Upon this data, I want to register Local Notifications that indicate call duration. Is it possible to:

A: Listen to Telephony events in the background? How to keep the app from being suspended (Apple documentation states that events are not received while app is suspended)

B: Register Local Notifications upon this date and SHOW these notification DURING a call (or does the framework restrict Local Notifications during phone calls? I can't find any info on this)

Help would be very much appreciated.

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It's more for Apple SE site –  Jefffrey Mar 7 '11 at 12:12

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A: kind of... you can get call state events IF you have a background task active. The bad news is that the background task will only last 10 min's. So after the 10 min's you don't get any more call states.

B: Yes local notifications do work while on a call. I've done it and it works just fine.

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