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Is it okay to include GPL’ed file (like dictionaries) in a proprietary application?

I'm thinking of incorporating a dictionary (StarDict, freedict) into my application and I'm not sure what the GPL licenses that they all use imply. For some reasons I do not want to publish the source code so this is why I am asking this question.

I want to use the dictionary in its unaltered form. As a safeguard I can also provide a feature in my application that allows the user to download the dictionary - but I would like it to be a one click option and this I cannot guarantee to work 3 years from now.

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If you can't or don't want to redistribute the source code for your application then you'll need to pick a library with a compatible license. Sorry. The Apache 2.0, MIT, and BSD licenses all allow usage without requiring you to distribute your app so I'd look for libraries using one of those instead.

This is why the GPL is generally incompatible with commercial software development.

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I don't agree with Jeremy. The product can be distributed under mixed license. Both GPL2 and GPL3 allow it. Here is good article which explains that: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/gplv3-myth2-you-cant-mix-gpl-software-with-other-software/331

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