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From the Reddit api, it says it is possible to get the json of a page. I can do this for the front page, but how do I do I get the json for the third page without visiting the second page?

Is it even possible?

I am using php.

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Use the last item from the previous page. Abridged/simplified C# example of getting "new items" pages (code that parses the previous page passes lastItem back to the method that gets the next page):

public static string k_baseUrlFormat = "http://www.reddit.com/r/{0}/new/.json?sort=new{1}";
public static string k_moreFormat = "&after={0}";

// [snip]

        string more = "";
        if ( !string.IsNullOrEmpty( lastItem ) )
            more = string.Format( k_moreFormat, lastItem );
        string url = string.Format( k_baseUrlFormat, subreddit, more );   

lastItem is item id including type ID, that looks like t3_g6a4s. You can use other parameters for different stuff in the same way as w/standard web requests for pages.

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