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noob question (new to objective c) i have created an utility application in xcode and i would like to create an instance of class "Fish" in my mainviewcontroller (so i can use the functions from Fish in mainviewcontroller). How is this possible? I tried this in the header file - mainviewcontroller under implementation "Fish *fish = [[Fish alloc] init]; " however i get an error ("expected specifier-qualifier-list before). Any ideas?

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Place this at the top of the file:

#import "Fish.h"

Somewhere in your code.

Fish *fish = [[Fish alloc] init];

Don't forget to clean up!

[fish release];
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You have to declare class Fish and make it visible to your mainviewcontroller by importing the appropriate header file.

Here is tutorial for the very beginner:

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Looks like the compiler doesn't know the class Fish. You have to tell him about the class.

add #import "Fish.h" at the beginning of the MainViewController.m file, and if you made Fish an instance variable you should put @class Fish; above @interface MainViewController in your MainViewController.h file.

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