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i think the if statement is comparing the command to the text instead of the output of the command, any tips or help to fix this simple problem

i made this code so far:

echo -n "Enter File Name: "
read file

#Permission for the User Date
[ -w $file ] && W="yes" || W="No"

[ -x $file ] && X="yes" || W="No"

[ -r $file ] && R="yes" || R="No"

#Permission for the Group Data

grt= `ls -l $file | cut -c5-7`

if [ "grt" = "---" ]


  grp="No No No"

elif [ "$grt" = "r--" ]


  grp=" Yes No No"

elif [ "$grt" = "-w-" ]


  grp="No Yes No"

elif [ "$grt" = "--x" ]


  grp="No No Yes"

elif [ "$grt" = "rw-" ]


  grp="Yes Yes No"

elif [ "$grt" = "r-x" ]


  grp="Yes No Yes" 

elif [ "$grt" = "-wx" ]


  grp="No Yes Yes"




echo "$file Properties"


echo "        Read Write Execute"

echo "User:    $R   $W     $X"

echo "Group:   $grp"
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You shouldn't parse ls. Use stat instead, if you have it. See BashFAQ/087 for information on getting file metadata.

You can replace all those if / elif statements with a case statement.

case "$grt" in
    "---") grp="No  No  No";;
    "r--") grp="Yes No  No";;
    . . .

or you can map strings and do it all in just two statements (no if, no case):

grp=${grt//[rwx]/Yes }    # change any "r", "w" or "x" to "Yes "
grp=${grp//-/No  }         # change any "-" to "No  "
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There seems to be a space after the grt=, i.e.

grt= `ls -l $file | cut -c5-7`

instead of the correct

grt=`ls -l $file | cut -c5-7`

This makes bash setting the variable grt to the empty string and executing the result of the command in backticks.

Not related to your question, but maybe important for what you are going to do: The -r, -w, -x tests are not the user part of the user/group/other rights, but test whether the current user is able to read (write, ...) this file.

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Great! you really Helped me, now i know what to do – Pocari Mar 7 '11 at 15:06
@Pocari: If this is the answer that helped you, you should generally mark it as "accepted answer" - so cebewee would get its credits for helping ;) – GreyCat Mar 7 '11 at 15:50

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