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EDIT: I am using Firefox 3.1+ specifically, as this is an intranet application.

I have the following html:

<em id="work-resize">re-size: from <span id="work-resize-from">3</span> to <span id="work-resize-to">5</span></em>

Using jQuery I want to get the following string:

're-size: from 3 to 5'

I assumed that using .text() would do exactly that, however:



're-size: from <span id="work-resize-from">3</span> to <span id="work-resize-to">5</span>'

I peaked around, and I couldn't find out why. I could use a function as suggested here remove tags which javascript returns with the text, but I really thought that the point of .text() was to strip out the tags, so it seems redundant to use my own function. Does anyone out there have a better solution, or suggestion if I am doing something wrong?

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Are you sure? I just checked it, and the return value you're describing sounds a lot like .html():

$('<em id="work-resize">re-size: from <span id="work-resize-from">3</span> to <span id="work-resize-to">5</span></em>').text()
"re-size: from 3 to 5"

$('<em id="work-resize">re-size: from <span id="work-resize-from">3</span> to <span id="work-resize-to">5</span></em>').html()
"re-size: from <span id="work-resize-from">3</span> to <span id="work-resize-to">5</span>"
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Ugh. I found the error, I had the wrong thing selected. Deleting question now. Thanks for the super fast response though. –  LittleTreeX Mar 7 '11 at 15:17

yes friend. that's what i thought. i could no way reproduce this error.

see here. http://jsfiddle.net/Vu5ck/1/

next time use http://jsfiddle.net something like that to report javascript problems.

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Will do, thanks. –  LittleTreeX Mar 7 '11 at 15:31

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