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I'm using MonoDevelop with MonoTouch. When I add an .NET assembly reference to my project, MonoDevelop will copy that .dll file into the bin/iPhone/Release/ directory during the build process. Then later in the build process, it will modify that file and strip out unused stuff.

The problem is, if that file is read-only, MonoDevelop fails the build process because it can't modify (its copy of) the file later. This makes it very difficult to use a source control system like Perforce because Perforce keeps all files read-only until you check them out.

All I want is for MonoDevelop to make the file writable when it copies it into bin/iPhone/Release/, which it should always do since it owns that copy of the file.

Does anyone know a way to make MonoDevelop do this, or any other way around this issue?

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This is a bug, not something that really should be "answered" on SO. I recommend you report the bug on Novell's bug tracker or worst-case ask the question on IRC in #monodevelop on

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Yes it's a bug but I thought someone might know a workaround. My experience with MonoDevelop and MonoTouch is that there are bits of tribal knowledge that one must know in order to get around issues like this. In any case, I filed a bug here: –  Mike Mar 8 '11 at 22:18
Please fill all bugs in since Mono, MonoDevelop, MonoTouch... (commercial and open source software) are now under Xamarin's leadership. –  poupou Nov 12 '11 at 1:07

Perforce doesn't have to keep everything read-only till checked out. Use p4 typemap and the +w modifier. You do then have to remember to check the file out if its not done by a plug-in or whatever.

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As a workaround (until a fix is available) you can try to add a post-build step, inside your project, that will remove the read-only attribute from the assembly file(s).

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You could set your Perforce client workspace so that all files are writable, even if they are not opened for edit. Check the allwrite option at

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