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If you have data in one table that should be in another table, what is their relationship called?

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Why should it be in another table? – alphadogg Feb 6 '09 at 21:32

The relationship is called Healthy, yet dysfunctional.

If you want to know the 'term' for it:


I say it's 'healthy' because there are times that developers want performance over sanity. But just like any relationship, try not to make it the norm.

Edit: Yes, I stuck a double entendre about relationships in there. It's Friday, I'm feeling frisky.

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I think the OP may have worded his question ambiguously and is really trying to ask, "What do you call the relationship in which an entry in one table references a row in another table?" That is a foreign key constraint.

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Unnormalized Junk?

Unnormalized is a database that has never been normalized

Denormalized is a database that has been normalized at one time but someone has decided to shuffle some data around for a reason (could be performance)

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