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For an event in a couple of weeks I'd like to make an web page/app which display tweets from a specific user, a specific hashtag and all @reply's at the first user in 3 boxes on the screen.

However I've never tried this. I want to use either .NET (C#) or HTML/CSS/JS since I'm proficient in those. Are there any libraries/API's I can use? Or is there an readily available freeware/open-source app I can use?

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Have you seen TweetSharp?

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That link returns: "The Page Could Not Be Found". Use either of the following TweetSharp OR NuGet Package –  Termato Mar 28 '14 at 16:10

Use Twitter's profile and search widgets. Profile for the first box, a search of the hash tag for the second box, and a search of to:username for the third box.

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I actually just posted this as an answer to another question:

I just updated a plugin to work with the Twitter 1.1 API. Unfortunately, per Twitter's urging, you will have to perform the actual request from server-side code. However, you can pass the response to the plugin and it will take care of the rest. I don't know what framework you are running, but I have already added sample code for making the request in C#, and will be adding sample code for PHP, shortly.

The plugin makes a call to statuses/user_timeline, but you will likely want to look at statuses/filter or statuses/search, instead. All you will have to do is add your desired parameters (hashtag, replies, etc.) to the server-side code and it should work (with the addition of your security keys and tokens, of course).

Good luck! :)

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