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Hey guys, can anyone explain me what (id)sender exactly means? I have seen it in so many actions and I don't know how to set this sender id.

- (IBAction)publishStream:(id)sender {
   // do something

Furthermore, can you tell me how I can set this sender id in code?

Thanks, Cheers, doonot

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'id' is a type -- specifically, it's the type of an untyped pointer to an object. A variable of type 'id' can point to any objective-c object. In the case of an IBAction, it's common to have a single parameter named 'sender' that is the object sending the action. Any type of object can send the action, so the type of the 'sender' parameter is 'id'.

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Using that you can re-direct several ui "widgets" to the same handler function. You can then use the "sender" to know which one generated the message.

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Well an ID is basically a blank type, so it's whatever type of object that called it, I don't believe that you actually set the sender, it's just the object. So say a UIButton called my IBAction, then whatever the UIButton happens to be will be the sender.

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actually, sender is Control which invoke the event. like, if if you TouchInside the button and you had attached to your method. then that button will be sender here.

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sender may be a pointer to a control, and that's the typical case, but it can also be a pointer to any other object. –  Caleb Mar 8 '11 at 1:00

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