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I am trying to select only 2 and 3 columns of my "services" table.

For example,

$('table[class="services"] tr td:nth-child(3)')

selects the 3rd column, is there a way to select both 2nd and third columns with a single selector?

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$('table[class="services"] tr td:nth-child(3), table[class="services"] tr td:nth-child(2)')
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I guess its selecting second & third columns from all the rows, if I want to select only second column of the first row, how can I do that? I have tried something like this: $("#ChallanGrid tr:eq(1) td:(3)"), but its not working. –  Jain Jul 13 '14 at 5:08

You could split it to avoid repetition of the first part of the selector:

$('table.services tr td').filter(':nth-child(2), :nth-child(3)')

Also note that table.services is the "correct" way to select by class in CSS!

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you can do:

$('table.services tr td:nth-child(2), table.services tr td:nth-child(3)')
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