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I'm using the jQuery load() event to load a page into an iframe. The page that is being loaded contains a script which access two API's and therefore take some time to load (~15-30 seconds). I want to add a button/link to the loading screen that you can click to cancel the load, otherwise you are unable to navigate away from the page. Currently, I have:

function callIframe(url) {
    $('#analytics').html('<iframe src="" allowtransparency="yes" style="width:735px;height:1510px;border:0;" id="analyticsiframe"></iframe>');
    $('iframe#analyticsiframe').attr('src', url);
    var start, end;
        start = $('#startDate').val();
        end = $('#endDate').val();

#analyticsloader is a div with an ajax loader graphic and "Please wait while I load blah blah", I would like to add a Cancel button into it that would stop the load() function from executing.

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the answer to your question might be here:

How to cancel a jquery.load()?

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that was helpful. Thank you. –  Yev Mar 11 '11 at 16:49
no problem :-). –  Neal Mar 11 '11 at 16:55



where "x" is a variable where you save the ajax request.

or this jquery plugin.

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