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Is there a way to programmatically find out what country a user's phone is from when my app is opened on their phone?

I have an app I'm developing that can use lbs/kg units and if someone's phone is from the United States, I want to enable lbs by default and if the phone is from anywhere else, I want to display kg by default. (note that I don't need think checking where they are connecting from would be accurate because it could be that they are travelling or using another country's proxy server).

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You can't get the country, but you should be able to guess it from:

Personally, I wouldn't worry about the travelling scenario - travelling Americans purchasing your app represents a very small percentage of your downloads.

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too bad this is not exactly exposed as a home country field, but looks like Locale will suffice. thx! –  Stan Mar 11 '11 at 1:54

You could also use the GPS to get their current position, then use the Bing API to get the country from the lat/long.

Using the GPS involves it's own headaches like adding a Privacy Policy, but from Stuart's answer, it seems like the most accurate way.

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Why not just look at System.Globalization.RegionInfo.CurrentRegion.IsMetric?

There is an example here:

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