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We have the following code working for receiving JSON strings for one value:

def spo2_new(request):
  if request.method == 'POST':
     data = {}
     fields = request.POST.copy()
     spo2 = SPO2(user=User.objects.get(pk=1), spo2=fields['value'], time=fields['datetime'])
     data['succes'] = True
    return JSONResponse(data)
raise Http404

The JSON string format POST is:


My question would be, how can we do the same for sending multiple "values" (with the datetime for each value) instead of sending each value individually?

Update 1: Since time interval is known, could I just send the values array and just the initial datetime?

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Within your page you can build an array and post those values manually as stated below:

values=[[datetime1, value1],[datetime2,value2]]

Or you could loop over all items and build the list:

$.each($('.datetime'), function(i, item){

Within your view you can get a list of values passed as:

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I think it has to be built manually since the server is an Arduino board sending the data to a web server (the client in this case and running Django). So the string would look something like this? -> values=[[2011-04-05%2021:04:05, 132.4],[2011-04-05%2021:04:21, 151],[2011-04-05$2021:04:35, 123]] –  Hector Mar 7 '11 at 19:49

Since you are already using JSON why don't simply send a JSON-encoded array of values [(timestamp, value)]?

POST: values=[[datetime1, value1],[datetime2,value2],...]

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