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I searching to get all contents that are tagged with some Tags. $OR can't be nested in MongoDB but what about make a multi OR query in C# driver using a List of Tags or List of string?. Using a QueryComplete or some StringBuilder to build an Or(tag1,tag2 params..tagn), what is the method to query the taggeds contents using multi OR statement?


var query=new QueryComplete[];
List<Tags> tags=new List<Tags>();
foreach(Tag tag in tags)

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How about something like this:

List<QueryComplete> myarray = new List<QueryComplete>();
foreach(Tag t in Tags)
  myarray.Add(Query.EQ(TagName, t.TagName));

var query = Query.Or(myarray.ToArray());
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Imagine recursive OR statement like foreach(Tag tag in tags){ query=Query.Or(query,Query.EQ("tag.Name",tag.Name))} you will nested the tags and you can't. – user325558 Mar 7 '11 at 21:29
Yeah....thanks. – user325558 Mar 7 '11 at 22:33

There is $in operator in mongodb, seems it more fit for above task:

List<Tags> tags=new List<Tags>();
Query.In("TagName", BsonArray.Create(tags.Select(x=> x.Name)));
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