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I'm developing some JUnit tests using DbUnit and have found some of them to be painfully slow.

I have one test that inserts 251 rows into a table (just 'Country' definitions- 3 columns including id,name and country code) and the test setup takes 11 seconds to run against a MySQL database. This is absurd. I'm wondering if setting autocommit to false will speed this up.

Is there a way to force DbUnit to setup the database in a single transaction? Or perhaps I haven't set up DbUnit correctly? I'm hoping that's the bottleneck here. Even massive ORM frameworks like Hibernate are faster than this.

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Here are some performance tips on DB Unit.

Hope that helps.

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The tips they offer are more like guidelines for writing tests. I tried increasing the batch size, whatever that does, but it didn't seem to affect the setup time. What I ended up doing was stripping the test data down to the minimum amount. Now the test runs in 2.7 seconds, which is a lot better than 11. – homebrew Mar 7 '11 at 21:30

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