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Basically, I have the following class within my Client.exe project:

Client.exe Project: Foo.cs

public class Foo
    private IBarService MyBarService { get; set; }


CoolBarService.dll Project: CoolBarService.cs

public class CoolBarService : IBarService
    public int GetBar() { ... }

Where does IBarService go? Currently, I'm throwing it into a project class library of its own, which is then referenced by both projects, but I'm not sure if this is the best-practice or not. If I simply leave the IBarService in the Client app, the CoolBarService project can not compile because it has no idea what a IBarService is (unless of course, I copy the same code into it).

ServiceContracts.dll Project: IBarService.cs

public interface IBarService
    int GetBar();
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In this case it sounds like you do want to put your contracts in a separate contract assembly.

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