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I have been trying to use CAM:PDF::Annot for it's most basic purpose, aggregating the annotations of two pdf's, but have not had any success.

I have been trying to emulate what is in the package's synopsis on CPAN, but keep coming up with an error.

The code in the CPAN synopsis (as a completed script), or any advice would be helpful.

CPAN page: http://metacpan.org/pod/CAM::PDF::Annot

So far I have:

use strict
use CAM::PDF;
use CAM::PDF::Annot;

sub main()
   my $pdf = CAM::PDF::Annot->new( 'testAnnotPDF.pdf' );
   my $otherDoc = CAM::PDF::Annot->new( 'testAnnotPDF2.pdf' );
   my $page = 1;
   my %refs;
   my $hrefs = \%refs;
   for my $annotRef  (@{$pdf->getAnnotations($page)}){
       $otherDoc->appendAnnotation( $page, $pdf, $annotRef, $hrefs );
exit main;
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What code have you written that throws this error? –  CanSpice Mar 7 '11 at 19:09

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Well, the getAnnotations() method appears to return an array reference, whereas the appendAnnotation() method takes an annotation object and not an array reference. Try doing what the documetation says:

for my $annotRef ( @{$pdf->getAnnotations( $page )} ) {
  $otherDoc->appendAnnotation( $page, $pdf, $annotRef, \%refs );

You're not looping over all of the annotation references that you get back from getAnnotations(), you're just trying to stick the full array reference in there, and that's not going to work.

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