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When I use my IE 7 or IE 8 to visit this page, the text below the carousel image is aligned to the right, until I manually navigate images through clicking the left & right button or the dots.

At the same time, the left & right buttons are placed under the dots, while it should be on the right of the dots.

(this page works properly in FF).

I also got some feedback from folks saying that this page works correctly in their IE 8. So I am totally confused.


(Please see attached screenshot from my IE 8)

enter image description here

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Try to change the height of the bloc: Dots = 32px and Buttons = 38px. You have also a padding to the "left" and "right", try to remove it, because the width is perhaps to wide. –  Akarun Mar 7 '11 at 20:13

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Give "wrapper" a size in pixels, not PERCENT, such as width:450px

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