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Somehow I can't get Glew in multiple header files. It is just complaining about Gl is already defined before GLEW.

I have the following file structure in short:

  1. Program.h
    includes: <GL/glew.h>, <GL/freeglut.h> and "SceneManager.h".
  2. SceneManager.h
    includes: "GameObject.h"
  3. GameObject.h
    includes: <GL/glew.h>, <GL/freeglut.h>.

I do understand that freeglut is in front of glew, but I would like to have the GL_BGR extension for example.

How do I get the glew.h in the GameObject as well?

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I did it a bit different myself right now:

I created a precompiled header with glew and freeglut in it. It looks like this:

#ifndef _STDAFX_H_
#define _STDAFX_H_

#include <GL/glew.h>
#include <GL/freeglut.h>


Could someone confirm if this is a solid and well know method to do so?

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Must be a bug in glew.h.

I use GLee instead, which doesn't have this problem. GLee's test looks like this:

#ifndef __glee_h_
#define __glee_h_

#ifdef __gl_h_
    #error gl.h included before glee.h

#ifdef __glext_h_
    #error glext.h included before glee.h

#ifdef __wglext_h_
    #error wglext.h included before glee.h

#ifdef __glxext_h_
    #error glxext.h included before glee.h

#endif /* !defined(__glee_h_) */

So the tests are only done the first time glee.h is included.

Apparently glew improperly does the tests outside the header multiple inclusion guard.

I switched from glew to GLee the first time I ran an OpenGL trace (glslDevil, actually) and saw glew calling glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) hundreds of times at startup.

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