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I've got a problem accessing futon interface when it is proxied using nginx. This config works fine when http protocol is used, but when I try to use https, I constantly receive no_db_file errors (but operations succeed, e.g. I can create databases, insert values, etc.)

location / {

What can I do to make it work correctly using https protocol?

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That's not bad! At least you have a working link between nginx and CouchDB.

no_db_file is CouchDB's 404 response when a database (the first thing after the slash) is not there. Check the logs and see what path CouchDB actually received in the query. It may be one of the AJAX calls that Futon does; but whatever it is, the logs will say.

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I have used Apache proxying to proxy https to http to do https on CouchDB:

I have found that a trailing slash on the URL affects whether or not https proxying works. Maybe it affects Nginx the same way?

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