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I want to put some graphical shapes (e.g., a character, some moving objects, etc.) in a big view, and being able to touch them.

What should I use ?
- A drawable object is simple to draw but it can't be attached to a touch listener. How can I detect a click in the bounds of my shape ?
- With views, I can use a touch listener, but is it a good idea to use views to draw graphics in a game ? Aren't they better for forms ? Also, I want to put those shapes anywhere on the screen (absolute position). I cannot find a way to do this with views.

Thank a lot.

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I asked a similar question a while back about clicking/dragging a custom view around, and I got a great response that solved it for me. My app had VERY simple graphics and controls, but the performance was great. stackoverflow.com/questions/2363666/… –  Peter Mar 7 '11 at 22:27

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It sounds like you would want to draw the objects within a single view (your drawable object method) and then use a touch listener on that encompassing view. In that listener, you would compare the touch position to the positions/bounds of the objects you are drawing - and if the touch would qualify as being 'on' an interactive object, you would then handle it accordingly.

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