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Usually when you send out emails on an iPhone, the text wraps to the window so the font is a normal size. However, if you set a width, or include an element which is wider than the viewport (like a table or a wide image), the text will fail to wrap, and will display at a lower font size. I've tested this myself by sending sample emails with and without a 650px-wide image.

Is there a way to include the 650px wide image, but still have the text wrap on an iPhone? I would still want the email to display properly in a regular browser. Thanks for the help, Kevin

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Kevin, I think your best bet is to use media queries here to resize that image on smaller screens. I ran into this issue with my clients who wanted mobile emails but were still putting large images into their mailings.

Check out the campaign monitor post for more info:

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thanks, that's a great link – Kevin Burke Mar 31 '11 at 7:29

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