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I was trying to find a HTMl 5 Object VR solution and found the apple Demo. Looks good but what I don't understand is how to name and publish the images if using both axis.

In the comments of the vr.js is stated:

  • If your VR only has an X axis:
  • new AC.VR('div-id', '/path/to/image/sequence/sequence/image_###.jpg', 36);
    • If it has both X and Y axes:
  • new AC.VR('div-id', '/path/to/image/sequence/sequence/image_###.jpg', [36,20], { initialPos: [8,9] });
    • *
  • @param mixed container Element (or its ID) to contain the VR
  • @param string imagePath Path to image sequence. Use "###" to indicate the variable image number.
  • @param mixed totalFrames Number of frames, indicated as a number (x-axis only) or array ([x-axis, y-axis])
  • @param object options Optionally override any of the default options (documented below)
    • @author Brandon Kelly */

can anyone help me understanding how to name the images?



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I'm implementing this library too, from what I learned is that it always looks for a series of images that goes from 1 to N and depending on the "#" pattern you specified before, like this:

# = 01-09

## = 01-99

### = 001-999

As you can see the script add a N number of 0s at the beginning based on how many #s there are in the pattern, I had to overwrite the “getImageSource” method for what I needed. I hope this helps, Regards

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