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I am trying to use the new Data Presentation Widgets (cellTable)

Now for a demo I am making, I used the example from here How to use GWT 2.1 Data Presentation Widgets to create a button in a column for each row.

My understanding of MVP is that I would need to expose the HasClickEvents to my presenter from my view. How do I accomplish this?

Right now I have

projectGrid.addColumn(new Column<DataDTO, DataDTO>(new ActionCell<DataDTO>("Assign", new Delegate<DataDTO>() {
            public void execute(DataDTO row) {
                //Attach it here?

        })) {

            public DataDTO getValue(DataDTO object) {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                return object;

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Yes, Delegate#execute() is the right place to invoke the callback to the presenter. There are a couple of ways you can do this but I find it easier to give my views a handle to their presenter and then define callback methods on the presenter:

class MyPresenter {
  public void onAssign() {
    // Perform action.

class MyView {
  private MyPresenter presenter;

  public MyView() {
      new Column<DataDTO, DataDTO>(
        new ActionCell<DataDTO>("Assign", new Delegate<DataDTO>() {
          public void execute(DataDTO row) {
        })) {...});
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