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I have variables that are formatted like the following example:


and from them I want to output the day of the week. For example:


or even just


I am working in Groovy, any ideas?

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You can use Date.parse to turn the string into a date, and then index it with Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK to get the specific day. Example:

assert Date.parse("yyyy-MM-dd", "2011-03-07")[Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK] == Calendar.MONDAY

If you want the day as a string, try the Date.format method. The exact output depends on your locale:

assert Date.parse("yyyy-MM-dd", "2011-03-07").format("EEE") == "Mon"
assert Date.parse("yyyy-MM-dd", "2011-03-07").format("EEEE") == "Monday"

See the documentation for SimpleDateFormat for more information on the formatting strings.

If you want the day formatted for a specific locale, you'll have to create a SimpleDateFormat object and pass in a locale object.

fmt = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("EEE", new Locale("fr"))
assert fmt.format(Date.parse("yyyy-MM-dd", "2011-03-07")) == "lun."
fmt = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("EEEE", new Locale("fr"))
assert fmt.format(Date.parse("yyyy-MM-dd", "2011-03-07")) == "lundi"
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new SimpleDateFormat('E').format Date.parse("10-jan-2010")

neater for me

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new SimpleDateFormat('E').format new SimpleDateFormat('yyyy-MM-dd').parse('2011-03-07')
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