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How do I force Google-Maps-for-Rails gem to geocode a model? I dont' want to re-geocode every member, just some.

Along those lines, once a model member has been geocoded and the lon/lat stored in the db, how do I clear that so it re-geocodes?

Could be the same answer for both questions, I don't know.

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+1 for the bug I discovered thanks to your question :) –  apneadiving Mar 7 '11 at 22:31

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Your question raised a problem in the gem: it geocoded after each save, not checking the boolean reference. It's fixed now in 0.4.1

By default

  • Geocoding is made as part of the save process.
  • if the boolean gmaps == true, then geocoding is skipped
  • else the geocoding is done

You can configure it the way you want.

BTW, you could even use the geocoding function:

Gmaps4rails.geocode('your address')

And saves directly the values you want.

See doc here: https://github.com/apneadiving/Google-Maps-for-Rails/wiki/Methods

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Adding this to an existing database, I wanted to geocode on access, and then cache the result. So I added an accessor function for latitude and longitude that checks for a value, and if the database doesn't have it, Geocode and save, and then return the value. This way, it gets geocoded "on demand".

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you might also want to try the geocoder gem

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