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I'm developing a code-sharing plugin for eclipse (for a bachelor thesis project).

Currently I'm trying to scan a maven repository and generate a package list.

I can download and parse a pom.xml using the maven.model classes, but I can't figure out which maven classes are responsible for parsing of archetype-catalog.xml

Is there a non maven parser?

Can I just scan the entire repository tree for pom.xml files?

edit: Ive found nexus-indexer but i have no idea hot to use it :(

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It took ages but i finally found a working example

PlexusContainer plexus =  new DefaultPlexusContainer();

            NexusIndexer n = (NexusIndexer) plexus.lookup(NexusIndexer.class);
            IndexUpdater iu = (IndexUpdater) plexus.lookup(IndexUpdater.class);

//          DefaultNexusIndexer n = new DefaultNexusIndexer();
              List indexCreators=new ArrayList();

//          IndexingContext c = n.addIndexingContext("test", "test",new File( "/home/tomas/Desktop/test"),new File( "/home/tomas/Desktop/index"), "", null);

             Directory tempIndexDirectory = new RAMDirectory();

//           IndexCreator min = new MinimalArtifactInfoIndexCreator();
//           MavenPluginArtifactInfoIndexCreator mavenPlugin = new MavenPluginArtifactInfoIndexCreator();
//              MavenArchetypeArtifactInfoIndexCreator mavenArchetype = new  MavenArchetypeArtifactInfoIndexCreator();
//              JarFileContentsIndexCreator jar = new JarFileContentsIndexCreator();

             IndexCreator min = plexus.lookup( IndexCreator.class, MinimalArtifactInfoIndexCreator.ID );
                IndexCreator mavenPlugin = plexus.lookup( IndexCreator.class, MavenPluginArtifactInfoIndexCreator.ID );
                IndexCreator mavenArchetype = plexus.lookup( IndexCreator.class, MavenArchetypeArtifactInfoIndexCreator.ID );
                IndexCreator jar = plexus.lookup( IndexCreator.class, JarFileContentsIndexCreator.ID );

                IndexingContext c = n.addIndexingContext(
                    new File("/home/tomas/Desktop/mavenTest"),
                    indexCreators );

               IndexUpdateRequest ur=new IndexUpdateRequest(c);

//              for (String s : c.getAllGroups()) {
//                  System.out.println(s);
//              }
            BooleanQuery q = new BooleanQuery();
            q.add(n.constructQuery(ArtifactInfo.GROUP_ID, "*"), Occur.SHOULD);

            FlatSearchRequest request = new FlatSearchRequest(q);
            FlatSearchResponse response = n.searchFlat(request);

            for (ArtifactInfo a : response.getResults()) {

                String bUrl=url+a
`enter code here`.groupId+"/"+a.artifactId+"/"+a.version+"/";
                String fileName=a.artifactId+"-"+a.version;

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Scanning my local repository for packages would be pretty slick. I would have a ton of duplicated packages that would need to be considered before I shared anything. Since yesterday I was building version 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT to my repository and today I'm building version 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT, directories for both versions would share the same packages.

Now, if you were wanting to show which artifacts being used in a project, you could just use the dependency plugin. Two of my favorite commands at the beginning of a maven project are:

mvn dependency:tree


mvn dependency:resolve
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Thanks for your reply but i need to scan a remote repository and save the result to a database so i can search then later – sherif Mar 8 '11 at 16:48
With the end result being a classes hierarchy of the remote repository? – DaShaun Mar 9 '11 at 21:51
The end result should be a list of all artefacts. – sherif Mar 10 '11 at 9:13

For future reference, the nexus-indexer has been donated to the Apache Foundation and is now known as the maven-indexer. There is a github mirror and the project is also listed at the Apache Git page

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