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I have two radiobuttons on my dialog. I set up the tabstop order correctly and turned the group property on on one of them and added an int member variable which I can read.

What I'm wondering now is: How can I preselect a default option? Right now, when the dialog gets created, no radiobutton ist visually selected. Doing m_membervariable = 1; compiles, but it also doesn't select a radiobutton. How can I do that?

I checked tutorials like and but they seem to ommit that.

Best regards Marc

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Use the CheckRadioButton to set the state of the radio buttons.

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You should define the range of the available values for your radio buttons in String Table. So if you have two controls, you specify 0 and 1, so the first value for m_membervariable is for your first control and the second one for your second.

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Hmm, maybe that's the point I'm missing. Because I'm not exactly sure what you are suggesting to do. I have no String Table right now. What should I write in there? m_membervariable is an int. How can it have two values? Should I make it an int[2] or something like that? – marc40000 Mar 8 '11 at 11:30

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