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Just wanted to get your view on methods to manage resource (time). We have a team of 6 who are working on different projects and other initiatives, we would like to get view on resource utilisation on day by day basis rather than by task. Each project will be managing the task vs resouce utilisation.

There is a recomendation to use Excel to have this view (i.e each row is a initiative/task/project at a highlevel, each cell being the day and the value in the cell is the effort required). However, working on MS Project (to manage project) I've found that this is a better alternative than excel, purely since it is easier to manage in the future.

I wanted: A) Get your views on excel vs ms project B) On how to get a view of MS Project of daily utilisation, and easy editing (i.e not having to switch back and forth from views) C) any other methods...


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MS Project is built to do exactly what you want. Excel is a spreadsheet program. You're going to be doing ALOT of manual work to make it do what Project already does.

I have a hard time imagining anyone managing anything but the most insignificant project in Excel.

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Hi Andy, thanks for your comment I agree that MS Project is a better option. Do you know whether there is a method to get a daily view of resource utilisation ? I.e A resouce is working 20% on day one, 40% on day two etc... or even a weekly basis. –  brandstoke Mar 8 '11 at 21:50
Are you asking about getting that value from MS project? Or setting it? I know there's a way to specify that a resource will only be working so long (and there's also calendar options so you can include holidays and time off and reschedule the project). I'm not sure about asking it how much they've done. That might move into the realm of Project Server, where resources can update the time spent on each task. –  Andy Mar 10 '11 at 2:54
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